Online booking sites prestige

Online booking sites prestige

Suggestions for online hotel booking sites should be used to book accommodation for travelers in Vietnam today, visitors can thoroughly consult and compare room rates before booking, or can be used as a reference for direct booking with hotels in Vietnam.

With the advent of online booking websites, booking a hotel for a trip has never been so easy and convenient. Online hotel booking sites are reputable here to help you choose a good hotel booking address as well as choose the right hotel, just visit the website and with some operations can be booked. hotel is simple.

1. Agoda

Agoda is the world’s leading booking site, with a network of hotels almost everywhere you can go. Quality service, easy booking and online payment are the great advantages of Agoda. Agoda also has a loyalty program to keep guests entertained. Once you have booked your reservation, the next time you make a reservation, you will receive a discount based on the number of guests booked. In terms of customer service, travelers will not receive much support from Agoda as domestic booking services, as most visitors will contact agoda by email if needed, however, Peace of mind with simple booking services through Agoda. And the customer only receives the booking confirmation email successfully from Agoda and never has to email back to them throughout the process of using the hotel room service.

2. is the world’s leading online booking site, booking service on is very convenient and friendly, customers can pay only at check in, each form is booked. There are terms and conditions attached. If you do not cancel the booking according to the terms, including guests not to check in, will still deduct money on your credit card. One of the special things about is that they offer Last Minute Deals. In particular, there are deals that offer very good discounts that visitors will not want to miss.

3. is a Vietnamese hotel website developed for the purpose of promoting and disseminating information about Vietnam hotels and hotel listings in 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Make reservations online at your travel, business, leisure or family travel destinations, this site will book itself with the hotels should ensure the connection information is standard. Best.

4. is the next website you can book online hotel. They have many promotions, discounts and even discount deals up to 50%. The loyalty program of is one of the best discounts for old customers. In addition to the attractive points of interest, offers many last minute deals and offers on. Even if you are a non-bookable traveler, you can still find the right hotel room at a reasonable price for your trip. While offering reservation services around the world, is very focused on the North American market (US and Canada). If you travel to these two countries, please check out the list of discount deals of the United States offline.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb is a new website but the pace of development is also very fast. If your budget is limited, or if you want to have a fun experience in the form of a Homestay, Airbnb is a service. Worth to experience. The biggest advantage of Airbnb is the cost. Airbnb booking rooms are very low and Homestay style and apartment. No professional room service, no advanced equipment but Airbnb has become a classic service of the economic model of sharing. If you travel in groups and want to save the most money for other activities, Airbnb is the best choice at this time.

6. Trivago
Trivago has grown rapidly in recent years; Become the world’s leading hotel reservation service. If you are in need of a hotel and compare. Hotel comparison services

7. Mytour

If you need a VAT invoice for your payment service, it is very easy. In addition, if you need a service Customer support that visitors can reach whenever by phone call, hotel reservation services in the country will be the service guests should use.

8. Ivivu

With the motto of developing a tourism terrain, ivivu offers helpful advice about Tour or hotel rooms when you need it. Ivivu is an online hotel booking service that gives guests an experience of the tourist terrain. Through the provision of several tours and special promotions

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