5 most unique hotels in the world

5 most unique hotels in the world

These hotels are not only the interior space, special exterior but also owns the odd services, give visitors an enjoyable experience, unforgettable.
Here are 10 unique hotels in the world:

1. Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai


Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It was designed to simulate the idea from the sail image and is the tallest hotel in the world.

Standing on the Burj Al Arab artificial island is connected to the mainland by a curved bridge. The hotel has 28 floors and 202 suites of two-storey luxury and unique.

2. Liberty Hotel, Boston, USA


The Liberty Hotel was a prison for nearly 150 years. Although it has undergone many redevelopments, the prison bar still retains its original look. Curious people want a unique experience overnight in a prison cell for $ 313 a night.

3.Snow hut at the Kakslauttanen Hotel, Saariselka, Finland


Snow huts are part of the Finnish Kakslauttanen hotel. The traditional wooden tents are very unique for those who like to watch the snow.

4. Hotel Das Park, Linz, Austria

The Das Park hotel is located in the city of Linz designed by the architect Andreas Strauss. He designed the giant reinforced concrete core to form a hotel room. Each room is equipped with necessary things such as lamp, double bed, sleeping bag and electric lock to ensure luggage safety.

5. Hotel Marques De Riscal, Elciego, Spain


This 5-star hotel was originally a winery built in 1858, then redesigned by Frank Gehry as a hotel. In the hotel there is a room containing hundreds of different bottles of wine, the front of the hotel is designed impressively like the tray of wine.

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